Marvin Seo's Artistry Discovered by Microsoft, Featured on Windows Community

By: Sam King

July 9, 2018

Marvin Seo 

Marvin Seo, who in 2018 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Game Art & Design from The Art Institute of Seattle, was featured on Microsoft Windows Community for his design work using Microsoft’s Surface Pro and Surface Pen. Marvin was singled out for the online profile after Microsoft employees saw him creating a live character demo at The Art Institute of Seattle’s booth at Emerald City Comic Con.


In addition to the web story, Microsoft is creating a video of Marvin filmed both on campus at Microsoft’s headquarters. There, he met engineers from the Surface Pen & Ink team. The employees from Microsoft watched Marvin work to see how Surface users utilize the tablet in the real world.

 Marvin Seo 3

Based on these observations, the Surface engineering team demonstrated other Windows inking techniques and functions that could benefit Marvin’s design style. According to the article, Marvin had not explored much of the inking capabilities available beyond his main drawing program. Thanks to the team, he learned to better use the pen in both OneNote—as a way to collect sketches and ideas—and Sketchpad, an app that comes in the Windows Ink Workspace in pen-enabled devices.


The engineers also gained insight into how their product is working for today’s artists. They were surprised to find that Marvin drew with his Surface Pro steeply propped up with its kickstand instead of laying flat.

 Marvin Seo at Microsoft

A program manager in the Pen & Ink team discovered that Marvin used the pen without resting his hand on the glass top—in the way that a painter uses a brush. She also noted that as Marvin used the pen, he relied heavily on the keyboard for hotkeys or browsing researched material. This usage style showed that the tablet’s kickstand angles were an integral part of the Surface user experience.


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By: Sam King

July 9, 2018

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