Industrial Design

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Industrial Design
Bachelor of Science
Published June 1, 2016

Student Learning Outcomes

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Upon completion of this program, graduates will:

  • design products that accommodate the capabilities and the needs of the intended user population.
  • implement the design principles that can be practically applied to current industry standards.
  • demonstrate how products work and how they are manufactured.
  • select and use industrial design tools, materials, and techniques.
  • exhibit professionalism through their understanding of intellectual property law, social responsibility, marketing strategies, project management, and the team dynamic.

Program Courses

Required Courses

FND103 Concepts in Computer Graphics
FND105 Design Fundamentals
FND110 Observational Drawing
GD320 Graphic Package Design
GWDA232 Form & Space
IND102 Survey of Industrial Design
IND111 Fabrication Techniques
IND119 Rapid Visualization
IND122 Mechanical Drafting
IND126 Introduction to Model Making
IND135 Materials and Manufacturing
IND175 CAD I (Introduction to Rhino)
IND219 Industrial Rendering
IND225 CAD 2 (Adv Rhino)
IND236 History of Industrial Design and Invention
IND240 Product Design
IND242 Graphics
IND258 Structures and Mechanisms
IND260 Advanced Model Making
IND270 Intermediate Product Design
IND275 CAD 3 (Introduction to Solid Works)
IND285 CAD 4 (Rapid Prototyping)
IND301 Product Psychology
IND315 Advanced Product Design
IND335 Digital Sketching
IND357 Exhibit and Trade Show Design
IND369 Sustainable Materials
IND372 Custom Furniture Design
IND400 Graduate Project Research
IND401 Graduate Project Concept Development
IND404 Internship
IND411 Career Development
IND412 Portfolio I
IND493 Portfolio II
INT109 Concept Sketching
INTA222 Human Factors

Technical Electives – 15 quarter credits
Technical Elective 1
Technical Elective 2
Technical Elective 3
Technical Elective 4
Technical Elective 5

Program Electives

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