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Alexander Wekell

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Alexander Wekell

My education provided the skillset and professionalism that helped me to develop both my business and my career as an entrepreneur. Alexander Wekell 2015 , The Art Institute of Seattle

Alexander Wekell is the owner of Sky Feather Studios, working as an audio engineer, videographer, and photographer—and in marketing and business development. His typical day includes planning for client needs and preparing for the next production.

Alexander is a 2015 graduate of The Art Institute of Seattle, earning an Associate of Applied Arts in Audio Production. He says that his education provided the skillset and professionalism he needed to develop his business and entrepreneurial career. To get there, he lived by the advice of always creating new content. “You need to go outside of your comfort zone and make something. Show the initiative to not only do your assignments but to go above and beyond to build your skill set.” He adds when he hires contractors, he chooses people who are multi-faceted and not afraid to learn new things.

When Alexander decided to open his own business, he chose to do it without debt and loans. To achieve this goal, he worked to build his equipment and portfolio from the ground up. “When you freelance, go to an interview, or start your own business, no one has ever heard of you. Your job is to sell yourself as a person or business. When I first started out, I didn't get a lot of foot traffic and kept relying on low rates for clients.” As he launched his studio he talked with fellow professionals about how they found clients. He set up a notification system to pool keywords and identify potential targets. He also created a website to show off his expertise. “I was able to build a good clientele that got me going. I kept those clients as the business grew.”

He adds that there is no slacking off in a startup. “When I quit my day job and went home, it was surreal. You never have to call in sick, you never need to turn in a new project, and you never need to punch in. You develop a fundamental change in lifestyle.” Now, his work is his responsibility and he’s forced to adapt to varying client situations. But once he started building his new business, Alexander saw an opportunity to fully utilize his time and skills. Today, he’s excited to provide a clear voice that allows clients to have a say in their projects. “I can decide what I do and don’t want to do—and what to specialize in while also being able to pay the bills.”

In addition to his business, Alexander volunteers as a tutor at Jane Adams Middle School. He gives students hands-on experience with audio production, hardware, and music composition. He also provides videography services for the local non-profit Key Tech Labs that builds relationships with young students in STEM fields by showing them emerging and new technology.

Alexander’s audio production career includes work for groups and companies including T-Mobile, Microsoft, Cut Productions, Seattle Seahawks, NPR, and Seattle Public Schools.

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