Fashion Marketing & Management

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Fashion Marketing & Management
Bachelor of Arts
Published June 1, 2016
This program can be completed on ground, blended (plus) or online.

Student Learning Outcomes

Program Courses

FMMA101 Introduction to Retailing
FADA111 Survey of the Fashion Industry
ADVA201 Fundamentals of Marketing
FNDA105 Design Fundamentals
FNDA135 Image Manipulation
FADA207 Early History of Fashion
ADVA204 Consumer Behavior and Persuasive Sales Techniques
FADA103 Textile Fundamentals
FMMA103 Survey of Manufacturing and Product Development
FADA308 Fundamentals of Business
FMMA104 Sales Promotion
FNDA150 Digital Color Theory
FMMA201 Merchandising Math
FMMA211 Retail Buying
FMMA202 3D Visual Merchandising I
FMMA212 3D Visual Merchandising II
GWDA103 Digital Illustration
FADA217 Modern History of Fashion
FMMA208 Finance Principles
FMMA221 Merchandise Management OR Non-GE Elective
FMMA218 Human Resource Management
FMMA203 Event and Fashion Show Production
FADA208 Trends and Forecasting
FMMA301 Elements of Retail Logistics and Distribution
FMMA308 Fashion Business Law
ADVA407 E-commerce Strategies and Analytics
ADVA307 Brand Strategy
FMMA303 Apparel Fit and Construction Evaluation
FMMA302 Global Marketing
FMMA312 Fundamentals of Fashion Styling
FADA312 Sourcing and Technical Design
FMMA409 Portfolio I
ADVA348 Leadership and Organizational Behavior
ADVA328 Public Relations
FMMA419 Portfolio and Professional Development
FMMA406 Internship
FMMA408 Entrepreneurship

General Education Courses

CGSA202 Computer Concepts and 2-D Applications
COMA112 Principles of Communication
ENCA101 English Composition I
ENCA102 English Composition II
ENCA204 Business and Technical Writing
ENGA201 Creative Writing OR ENGA203 English Literature and Writing
HISA101 Ancient World History
HUMA202 Contemporary World
MATA115 Applied Mathematics OR MATA101 College Algebra
MATA314 Statistics
PHLA105 Philosophy of Aesthetics
PHLA211 Contemporary Moral Issues
PSYA101 Introduction to Psychology
SCIA125 Environmental Science

Total Credits for Bachelor of Arts Degree 180

Program Electives

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Note: The Art Institute of Tampa (a branch of Miami International University of Art & Design) reserves the right to alter the sequencing of classes. Some courses are offered on a rotating basis. Students should consult their Academic Advisors and/or Department Chair when creating their course schedules to ensure they are following the recommended sequence. Students must meet all co/prerequisites for courses.