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Andre Bowen

Andre Bowen

[My education] introduced me to a wide selection of programs and tool that I now use in my projects. Andre Bowen Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts & Animation, 2016 , The Art Institute of Tampa, a branch of Miami International University of Art & Design

Creates Storyboards, Animatics, and Animations

Andre Bowen is a board member and lead animator at Fire Hazard Entertainment. He’s responsible for creating storyboards, building animatics, and creating animations. Andre says that the animation field requires dedication and determination. “I love animation but it is a skill that needs to be continuously practiced and there are no ‘easy buttons’ for it. If I’m not animating, I’m probably dreaming about animating.”

He admits that the transition from being a student to an employee wasn’t always easy—but he prepared himself to succeed. “As soon as I was done with classes, I worked on an animation to test what I can accomplish without the distractions of other projects.” Today, he feels a sense of accomplishment when a project is completed. “[It feels great] when a character seems to come to life.”

Andre is also a military veteran who served in the United States Air Force for ten years. He says that he keeps his work environment creative by minimizing distractions. “I usually have a playlist of enjoyable music playing in my headphones. Once I need a critique or advice, I’ll call over and ask a colleague for an opinion.”

Andre, who in 2016 earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Media Arts & Animation from The Art Institute of Tampa, says that his education introduced him to many of the programs and tools that he uses in his current job. He recommends that current students remain focused and stay the course. “Life and school are full of obstacles but if you simply give up when times are tough, how will you ever know what you’re capable of?”

He mentions that looking back at his previous work inspires him to push harder. “Every time I draw, I learn something new. The animation I created right after graduation is a perfect example. It was the most moving piece I had done at the time.”

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