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The Art Institute of Tucson
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We prepare students for careers in design, fashion, media arts, and culinary

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The Art Institute of Tucson

5099 E. Grant Rd., Tucson, AZ 85712   |    1.520.318.2700

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Our degree programs in the areas of Design, Media Arts, Fashion, and Culinary help you focus your talents and explore what you’re passionate about. In our collaborative environment, our instructors will guide and mentor you as we help you build the skills you need to start your creative career.

College Bound

College Bound is an 11-week college experience for high school juniors and seniors to connect with others that share your interests while taking college level courses designed to help you grow, discover yourself, and create something awesome.

College Bound
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Students need to meet all requirements. The Art Grant is not offered at all Art Institute schools and the grant amounts vary by location; check with the school you’re considering attending for exceptions and details.

Pursue your education in a growing mountainside community known for its rich cultural heritage

Pursue your education in a growing mountainside community known for its rich cultural heritage

For over 15 years, The Art Institute of Tucson, a branch of The Art Institute of Phoenix, has inspired students to pursue creative, innovative careers.

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Ai Bistro

Ai Bistro is a student-run restaurant that's open to the public. Located at The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Tucson, Ai Bistro serves as the dining lab for students in the culinary program, offering a unique combination of real-world experience and instructional content.

Under the direction of Chef Brian Burton, culinary students nourish and delight patrons while taking the final steps on their path to becoming culinary professionals. From food ordering and preparation to guest seating and serving, Ai Bistro is a complete instructional environment for students that offers a quality dining experience to its patrons.

The three-course meal changes regularly. The restaurant features comfortable seating, natural light and a large viewing window into the professional exhibition kitchens where guests can see culinary students at work.

For reservations, please contact Ai Bistro at 520.318.2726.

For more information please contact Ai Bistro at 520.318.2726 or

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Notable alumni

Learn more from some of our grads who’ve made a name for themselves as they talk about their education, their careers, what Creativity for Life means to them, and their advice for aspiring creative professionals.

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Mirage Memmer

Mirage Memmer

Advertiser, Hawaii Bento, LLC

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Marcus Mills

Marcus Mills

Coordinator, Viacom International Program Sales Operations

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Nathan Selep

Nathan Selep

Project Manager, Telegraphics, Inc.

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Mando Daniel Perez

Mando Daniel Perez

Production Designer,

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Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

Digital Campaign Management Specialist, Tribune Digital

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