Audio Production

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Audio Production
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

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Program Courses

GE104 Rhetoric and Composition
GE114 Academic Writing
PRA100 Fundamentals of Audio
PRA101 Digital Audio and Control Systems
PRA110 Audio Technology I
PRA111 Audio Recording I
PRA112 Audio Recording II
PRA120 Digital Music Technology I
PRA121 Digital Music Technology II
PRA130 Digital Audio I
PRA131 Digital Audio II
PRA140 Music Theory I
PRA141 Music Theory II
PRA200 Acoustics
PRA201 Psychoacoustics
PRA202 Audio Electronics
PRA210 Advanced Recording Techniques I
PRA211 Advanced Recording Techniques II
PRA212 Practical Audio Electronics
PRA220 Synthesis & Sound Design I
PRA221 Synthesis & Sound Design II
PRA230 Digital Audio III
PRA231 Digital Audio IV
PRA240 Songwriting
PRA241 Music Arranging and Recording Technology
PRA242 Music Production for Visual Media
PRA243 Composition for Advertising
PRA250 Live Sound Reinforcement
PRA260 Business Fundamentals
PRA280 Media Studies - Technology and Culture I
PRA281 Media Studies - Technology and Culture II
PRA340 Advanced Music Production for Visual Media
PRA380 Directed Studies I
PRA381 Directed Studies II
PRA390 Professional Development and Portfolio
PRA391 Senior Project


Program Electives

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