Interior Design

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Interior Design
Bachelor of Applied Design
Published January 1, 0001

Student Learning Outcomes

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Program Courses

CC110 Drawing
CC112 Fundamentals of Design
CC115 Colour Theory
GE103 Speech Communications
GE104 Rhetoric and Composition
GE114 Academic Writing
GE124 Critical Thinking
GE204 History of Art in Early Civilizations
GE214 Fundamentals of Sociology
GE224 World Civilization
GE234 Mathematics
GE244 Introduction to Political Science
GE314 Fundamentals of Psychology
GE324 Cultural Theory
GE334 Ethics
ID109 Basic Drafting
ID111 Design Basics 3D
ID113 Introduction to Interior Design
ID118 Perspective
ID120 History of Architecture, Interiors and Furniture
ID124 Rendering and Illustration
ID127 Computer-Aided Design
ID130 Programming & Space Planning
ID134 Textiles
ID211 Lighting
ID221 Residential Design
ID225 Human Factors and Psychology of Design
ID234 Materials and Resources
ID237 Advanced Computer-Aided Design
ID240 Corporate Design
ID303 Project Management
ID311 Codes/Barrier Free Design
ID316 3D Digital Modeling
ID317 3D Digital Rendering
ID323 Professional Practices
ID324 Interior & Architectural Detailing
ID330 Environmental Design
ID335 Residential Design II
ID340 Building Systems and Materials
ID350 Commercial Design
ID351 Presentation Techniques
ID401 Internship for Interior Design I
ID402 Internship for Interior Design II
ID411 Senior Project I
ID423 Portfolio Preparation
ID432 Senior Project II
ID440 Construction Documents
ID450 Commercial Design II
ID460 Portfolio
Interior Design Elective 1
General Education Elective 1
General Education Elective 2


Program Electives

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