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We prepare students for careers in design, fashion, media arts, and culinary

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The Art Institute of Vancouver

2665 Renfrew Street, Vancouver, BC V5M 0A7   |    1.604.683.9200
Game Design

Artwork Credit: Arssia Moeini, Bachelor of Science, 3D Modeling for Animation and Games, the Art Institute of Vancouver, 2015.

The Art Institute of Vancouver Ranks #1 in Canada for Game Design

For seven straight years, The Princeton Review has ranked Ai Vancouver in its top 10 in North America. And this year, we're at the top of the rankings in Canada.

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Pursue your passion in Acting or Photography. Find out how below.

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Create your future beginning now.

Our programs in the areas of Design, Media Arts, Fashion, and Culinary help you focus your talents and explore what you’re passionate about. In our collaborative environment, our instructors will guide and mentor you as we help you build the skills you need to start your creative career.

If you want to enhance the skills you already have, check out our Continuing Education and Training classes. We offer day and night classes in wine studies, culinary, animation, graphic design, interior design, kitchen & bath design, media arts, recording arts, photography, and web design.

University Bound

University Bound is an 11-week experience for high school students in grade 11 and grade 12 to connect with others that share your interests while taking challenging courses designed to help you grown, discover yourself, and create something awesome.


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Pursue your creative education in a diverse city named one of the world's best

Pursue your creative education in a diverse city named one of the world's best

The Art Institute of Vancouver is located in a region known for innovative people. Here, you'll learn in a city that's focused on a distinctly west-coast lifestyle--one that's the continent's 3rd largest film and TV production center.

Culinaria Restaurant - mobile
Culinaria Restaurant - desktop

Second Floor Bistro

The Second Floor Bistro is a student-run restaurant of The International Culinary School at The Art Institute of Vancouver. The Second Floor's evolving menu features an enticing selection of dishes, from Pacific North West favorites to international fusions, inspired and created by our chefs-in-training.

The Second Floor Bistro allows our students to master all aspects of restaurant and culinary arts under the leadership of industry professionals, whilst showcasing the talents and creativity of the culinary program's senior students.

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Notable alumni

Learn more from some of our grads who’ve made a name for themselves as they talk about their education, their careers, what Creativity for Life means to them, and their advice for aspiring creative professionals.

Explore all of our Alumni
Mirage Memmer

Mirage Memmer

Advertiser, Hawaii Bento, LLC

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Marcus Mills

Marcus Mills

Coordinator, Viacom International Program Sales Operations

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Nathan Selep

Nathan Selep

Project Manager, Telegraphics, Inc.

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Mando Daniel Perez

Mando Daniel Perez

Production Designer,

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Kevin Johnson

Kevin Johnson

Digital Campaign Management Specialist, Tribune Digital

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