Current Student Josh Raulerson lands Graphic Design Role at Young Veteran’s Brewing Company 

By: Crystal Huffman Filed under: Visual Design

August 21, 2017

After serving in the military as an Aviation Structural Mechanic, Josh Raulerson enrolled in the Bachelor of Fine Arts Graphic & Web Design program at The Art Institute of Virginia Beach, a branch of the Art Institute of Atlanta. Who knew that a simple class project could be the ticket for a new job? For Josh, that was how it happened.

He had designed a beer label for his Digital Illustration class. Being so proud of the final product, he decided to email it to Young Veterans Brewing Company. The hiring manager was pleased with the design as well, which led to an interview. The previous designer had actually moved away, leaving an opening for new talent. Although he attended Ai Virginia Beach for only a year and four months, he had found a position in his field as a graphic designer for Young Veterans Brewing Company.

Since being with the company, he has helped with advertising in many ways. Not only has he created flyers, but he is also the Social Media Coordinator, as well as the designer of the labels. Josh has created around eighty labels with twenty-one being published so far. With only a few years left at school, his love for art still grows every day. He plans to find a career that will allow him to express his creativity without hindering his love for the art.

Josh had some advice for students entering the graphic design field—“Be professional. Learn how to network. Be humble.”


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Instagram: @RaurelsonArt

Students in the Writing for Interactive Media class, an elective at Ai Virginia Beach, interviewed Josh and wrote this blog post as a project for their class. The students are:

• Dejuan Leatherbury - BFA, Digital Photography
• Nicholas Leonard - BFA, Graphic & Web Design
• Heather Goodman - BFA Graphic & Web Design
• De'arius Franklin - BFA, Digital Photography
• Katie Lacker - BFA, Digital Photography
• Andre Costa - BFA Digital Photography

Artwork submitted by Josh Raurelson.

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By: Crystal Huffman Filed under: Visual Design

August 21, 2017