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Ai Virtual Learning

Start building your future today with new virtual remote classes

As we all do our best to stay safe, The Art Institutes system of schools has taken steps to ensure you can still pursue your dream.

  • Now offering virtual remote learning classes with Ai Virtual Learning
  • Attend classes from the comfort and safety of your home
  • Get started today

With Ai Virtual Learning, you won’t have to drive to campus or attend any classes in-person during the COVID-19 crisis.* And when the time is right, you’ll return to the on-campus experience that sets The Art Institutes apart.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Ai Virtual Learning from The Art Institutes?

Ai Virtual Learning is a technology platform allowing students to learn from the comfort and safety of their own home. You will be given the tools and resources to attend your classes remotely, without any in-person or in-campus requirements.

Why are classes being taught remote right now?

Our states, accreditors and regulators have approved the Art Institutes to teach new and existing students remotely due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

How long will I be able to attend classes remotely?

Given the fluid nature of the COVID-19 outbreak, we do not have an official end date for remote learning. The Art Institutes is committed to ensuring student and faculty safety and will not return to in-campus instruction until it is deemed safe to do so.

Will this impact the degree I earn?

No. You will still earn your degree from your chosen Art Institutes institution, an accredited campus-based, non-online institution.

Do the credits I earn while learning remotely through Ai Virtual Learning still count?

Yes! All credits earned during your remote instruction period will count towards your program of study.

Do I have the option to come to the campus for classes if I want to?

Unfortunately, due to the risk of close social interaction, we are unable to allow students on campus. However, once the COVID-19 outbreak subsides, classes will shift back to our exciting, hands-on and in-person learning experience at our campuses.

Click HERE for additional information and resources available to our students in the digital learning environment.

* The Art Institutes understands this is a difficult time, and we are offering remote learning, temporarily, during the COVID-19 outbreak as approved by our states, accreditors and regulators. We will continue to work with our states, accreditors and regulators to ensure our students have a safe learning environment during the COVID-19 outbreak. When the temporary approval to allow virtual, remote classes ends, the remainder of your program will revert to in-person teaching on campus.