This Art Institutes school is no longer accepting new students. Currently enrolled students can find out more about this school in the Catalog. To find a location near you that is currently accepting new enrollments, please click here.

Student Safety

Your safety and security

At The Art Institutes, we believe that ideas should never be safe. But the people who come with them should be. We’re committed to making sure that each campus is always a safe and secure place to study, explore, and interact.

  • Emergency Notification Services: The MyCampusAlert system will alert you in the event of a campus emergency, or a change in the school schedule caused by weather or any unforeseen circumstances. Login to to opt in to the MyCampusAlert system.
  • Emergency Management Plans: Every Art Institutes campus has a plan in place for dealing with a full range of campus emergencies. To learn about your school’s plans, contact your Student Affairs office.
  • Evacuation Drills: Campuses regularly conduct evacuation drills to ensure that students and staff know how to proceed in the event of any type of emergency.
  • Crisis Response: Each school has a dedicated crisis response team that’s ready to partner with campus leadership to resolve any emergency. You’ll find informative crisis response flyers posted in every classroom and office on campus.